All of the backup console commands on one page!

Here are the available options for the backupctrl command:

[root@ipfire ~]# /usr/local/bin/backupctrl
Usage: [ include | exclude | restore | addonbackup <addon> | restoreaddon <addon> | iso | list ]

backupctrl include

Generates a backup file including the logs.

backupctrl exclude

Generates a backup file without the logs.

backupctrl restore <filename>

Restore an IPFire backup.

backupctrl addonbackup <addon>

Create a backup of a specific addon.

backupctrl restoreaddon <addon>

Restore the backup for a specific addon.

backupctrl iso

Backup of IPFire and includes .iso images. The .iso images are very handy if the IPFire device fails or if an update fails.

backupctrl list

List the files named within the /var/ipfire/backup/include and /var/ipfire/backup/include.user files. These files are part of the backup.