If you have any questions, IPFire has an active support community and is also backed by a professional development team


The IPFire Wiki is the prime resource for everything you need to know about IPFire. There is almost nothing that cannot be found there.

The wiki is written by the community. Everyone can join and improve it.

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Talk to the IPFire Community on our community portal.

Ask about how to get started with IPFire, how you can contribute to the project, and what else you always wanted to know about IPFire...

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Lightning Wire Labs

Get Professional Support

Lightning Wire Labs provides professional support services for companies that use IPFire.

The team of developers implements custom solutions based on IPFire and carries out development of new features. They will help you with designing a secure network that is tailored to the specific needs of your business and support you with the integration of IPFire.

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You can chat live with other IPFire users and developers. To join our chat room, point your XMPP client to: