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Welcome to IPFire, the professional and hardened Linux firewall distribution that is secure, easy to operate and coming with great functionality so that it is ready for enterprises, authorities, and anybody else.

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Secure up your network with IPFire


IPFire comes with a versatile and state of the art firewall engine that makes even the most complex setups easy to administer.

Network Security

IPFire is designed for high security. It is hardened to protect itself from attacks from the network.


IPFire is ready for high performance networks and running evenly well on embedded hardware.

Open Source

IPFire is free software and developed by an open community, that improves it every single day.

Easy to use

IPFire is set up easily in 15 to 20 minutes but also comes with expert features that are needed in professional networks.

Trusted by thousands

IPFire is developed in Europe and used all over the world in hundreds of countries by hundreds of thousands of users every day.

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Professional Appliances & Services

Lightning Wire Labs offer IPFire hardware appliances for enterprises, large businesses and SOHO. Deploying one of these on your network will provide you with the greatest reliability, stability and performance.

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