The Services page at the status menu shows information on running or stopped services of your IPFire installation.

Shown are the names of the service, the status, the corresponding PID when running, and the amount of memory used.
If a service is shown as a red underlined link then clicking it will take you directly to that WUI page.

Add-On - Services

The second part shows installed add-ons in a similar manner plus they can be started, stopped, restarted and set for starting at boot time.

By (un)checking a service in the column boot the service is set whether to start at boot time or not. By clicking on the green up arrow the respective add-on service will be started whereas by clicking on the red down arrow it will be stopped. Click on the circle arrow will restart the service.
If an addon service is shown as a red underlined link then it means that the addon has a menu in the WUI. Clicking the link will take you directly to the addon's WUI page.

Processes Graph

The processes diagram shows the history of started services. Some services, like "Java" in this example, may use considerable amounts of resources so other processes might not be visible at all.

Processes Memory Graph

The process memory diagram shows the memory usage of those services in a similar manner.

Add "custom" process

Want to add an additional process to the Processes Graph and the Processes Memory Graph?

Edit the /etc/collectd.custom file and add the needed process(es).

# Use this file to add custom configs and rules for collectd
<Plugin processes>
# addons
    Process "apcupsd"
    Process "avahi-daemon"
    Process "monit"
    Process "netatalk"
    Process "pmacctd"


  • Make sure there is a line feed (an empty, blank line) at the end of the collectd.custom file.
  • Do not exceed more than ten total processes. Picking too many processes causes graphs to be displayed with similar colors and difficulty identifying which color belongs to what process.

After updating the /etc/collectd.custom file, enter:

/etc/init.d/collectd restart