On this page, graphs show the write and read accesses to the installed hard drive(s).

sda Graph / hda graph

Following information is displayed:

  • read megabytes
  • written megabytes
  • state of the hard drive(s)

sda Graph - SMART

A click on S.M.A.R.T. reveals technical data of the hard drive.

If a second hard drive is installed, there is no need for it to be always active. IPFire supports powersaving and sends unused devices into sleep mode.

Disk usage

Section disk usage shows the disk usage of every partition. Here you can clearly see how much memory is used and where.

Disk usage - inode

The inode section shows how many inodes are possible, how many inodes are used and how many are still available. If you are interested in what an "inode" is, you can read more about it here.

Disk usage - transfers

In section transfer the data transfer (read and written data) of every partition is listed.

For even more information about the hard drive(s) run this command in the console.

hdparm --help