The iPhone and iPad iOS require a .ovpn unified file to load into the OpenVPN app. The article below describes how to create that file.


  • Install the iOS app OpenVPN Connect
  • Configure and create an OpenVPN client for your iPhone or iPad device.
    • For security, you must create the PKCS12 File Password, otherwise the "insecure client package" will be available for download with all the certificates visible in a flat text file; this makes very convenient the configurations step but also it makes susceptible to a man in the middle attack as anyone intercepting the file will have access to all the certificates;
    • Make sure you document the PKCS12 File Password. It will be needed in the next few steps

Download Client Package

To get started go to the menu Services > OpenVPN, scroll to the Connection Status and Control section and click on the Download Client Package (zip) icon.

Create unified file

There are a few different ways to create a unified file for use on an iOS device (iPhone or iPad device). It can be done either by creating and downloading the "insecure client package", or manually by cutting and pasting information from various files. In alternative, it can be done with one if the bash scripts in this article (they might need some adjustment as the IPFire files structure might change in the future).

Install .ovpn

Install the unified file on an iOS device (iPhone or iPad device) using this method.