After creating the TLS server gateway configuration and the import of the .zip package on the client gateway, the connection can be started. To start a connection, it needs to be set a hook in the area "client status and control" under "Action" .

Since Core 61, the Management Interface is integrated which indicates the connection status in real time over the webinterface.

In this example, a couple of status messages of the connections can be seen.

  • CONNECTED - is shown when the connection was established.
  • DISCONNECTED - When the connection is disconnected.
  • AUTH - Indicates the authentication process.
  • RESOLVE - Points out that the address can not be resolved.

Check the tunnel state over the logs

For a deeper insight into the OpenVPN logs, there are two possibilities. Either you take a look under logs --> system logs over the webinterface and click there to the section OpenVPN.

Or for the second possibility there is a good explanation findable in here