This page has the options for IPFire's logs.

Log viewing options

These options change how logs are displayed in the web user interface:

  • Sort in reverse chronological order = Check the box to show the most recent log entries at the top of the page (reverse chronological order).
  • Lines per page = Set the number of log entries displayed on each page.

Log summaries

  • Keep summaries for nn Days = Change how long log files are kept.
  • Detail level = Set the detail level for logs. <<-- FIXME - Explain the effects of this setting!

Detail level = High
- Informative reports to all relevant points of an service ex. downloads connections IPs and ports
- Alerts and warnings

Detail level = Low
- Just alerts and warnings no further informative reports

Remote logging

  • Enabled = click on to enable remote logging.
  • Syslog server = Send syslog messages to another server.
  • Protocol = Syslogging to a remote server can be configured to either use TCP or UDP depending on what the remote server is capable of dealing with.

NOTE: Please be aware that currently, IPFire does not have yet the ability to forward log messages to a remote server using the TCP protocol. This limitation is due to the fact that the syslog daemon used in IPFire, which is responsible for forwarding log messages, only supports UDP protocol. IPFIre project is working toward a solution for future releases. For now, it is recommend to use UDP for remote log forwarding.