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Command line help

Need a little help remembering the pakfire commands?

pakfire help

Install package

The Command, for example: to install the package Samba on IPFire via the Console:

pakfire install samba

After a short period the installation process starts.

The Console output can be bypassed with the parameter -y.

Several packages can be installed at same time by using the Command:

pakfire install -y htop samba bwm-ng nano ...

Uninstall package

To uninstall a package e.g. Samba, run the following command in the Console window:

pakfire remove samba

Update package list

Contact the servers for new lists of pakfire packages. Updates will appear if the file is older than one day.

pakfire update

Force update of package list

Contact the servers for new lists of pakfire packages no matter the age of last update.

pakfire update --force

Upgrade all packages

Installs the latest version of all pakfire packages.

pakfire upgrade

Force upgrade of all packages


pakfire upgrade --force

Available packages

A list of available packages can be found by using the following Command in the Console window:

pakfire list
[root@ipfire ~]# pakfire list
Name: 7zip
ProgVersion: 17.04
Release: 9
Installed: no

Name: alac
ProgVersion: 0.0.7
Release: 1
Installed: no
. . . 
Name: zabbix_agentd
ProgVersion: 6.0.6
Release: 6
Installed: yes

218 packages total
[root@ipfire ~]# 

Package information

More verbose package information including dependencies, installation status and more, can be displayed using the following Command in the Console window:

pakfire info <package> [<package> ...]
[root@ipfire ~]# pakfire info 7zip zabbix_agentd
Name: 7zip
Summary: 7-zip file compression program
Version: 17.04-9
Size: 2.27 MB
Pakfile: 7zip-17.04-9.ipfire
Service InitScripts: 
Installed: no
Status: not installed

Name: zabbix_agentd
Summary: Zabbix Agent
Version: 6.0.6-6
Size: 300.00 KB
Dependencies: fping
Pakfile: zabbix_agentd-6.0.6-6.ipfire
Service InitScripts: zabbix_agentd
Installed: yes
Status: up-to-date
[root@ipfire ~]# 

Status of pakfire

pakfire status

This enables Pakfire to return a Status-Summary for the Current Core-Update-Level, time since last updates, the availability of a core-/packet-update and if a reboot is required to complete an update.

This can be used by monitoring agents (e.g. zabbix_agentd) to monitor the update status of the IPFire device.

[root@ipfire ~]# pakfire status
core-list.db         100.00% |=============================>|   903.00 B
Core-Version: 2.25-x86_64
Core-Update-Level: 152
Last update: 27d 1h 39m 39s ago
Last core-list update: 2h 8m 43s ago
Last server-list update: 18h 15m 58s ago
Last packages-list update: 18h 15m 56s ago
Core-Update available: no
Package-Updates available: 0
Reboot required: no

Pick a pakfire

Need to pick a specific pakfire mirror? Edit the /opt/pakfire/etc/pakfire.conf file:

# Only use this mirror
#$mirror = "";
#$mirror = "https://<mirror>/pakfire2";
$mirror = "";

Pick a favorite server from this list:

  • Locate the favored server
  • click on the server link
  • locate and click on the pakfire2 directory.

Copy the URL in the browser ( for example: ) and paste into the pakfire.conf file.