# This is the top headline

## This is a second level headline

### This is a third level headline

Headlines are there to organise long pages and help readers to find the paragraph they are looking for more easily. Use headlines, but of course not too many.


*This text will be italic*
_This will also be italic_

**This text will be bold**
__This will also be bold__

_You **can** combine them_

It is very helpful to sometimes highlight certain words so that they catch the eye of the reader. However, this should not be used too often, because if everything is highlighted, nothing is highlighted.

Links are a valuable resource on a wiki. They refer to other pages that already explain something so that no repetition is required. There are two kinds of links on this wiki:

These links refer to another page. They look like this:

[Another Page](other-page)

The [] hold the name of the link the user clicks on. If it is empty, the headline of the page will be fetched which should be the default for most links used on this wiki.
Alternatively another description can be used.

Please always use relative paths to refer to other wiki pages.

Referencing Users

You can simply write @someone to create a link to that user's page showing it's name instead of a handle, like so:

* @ms
* @arne_f
* @someone

Links to external pages look like this:


Sometimes, it is handy to create an absolute link to some resource on this page. That can be achieved by using a double-slash like so:

[Please donate!](//donate)


This is some `inline code`.

Longer blocks of code can be put into triple-backticks (```).



Images basically work like links. They always cover the whole size of the window.

Linked Images

To add a link to an image, enclose the Markdown for the image in brackets, and then add the link in parentheses.

[![alt text here](some-image.png "image title here")](https://wiki.ipfire.org)


Footnotes allow you to add references. Click the link to jump to the content of the footnote at the bottom of the page.

Here's a simple footnote. [^1]

[^1]: This is the first footnote and this appears at the bottom of the webpage.


Colons can be used to align columns.

| left align   | centered | right align | no align (defaults to left) |
|  left align  | centered | right align | no align                    |
|  $12.34      | $12.34   | $12.34      | $12.34                      |
|  left align  | centered | right align | no align                    |


Do NOT use any embedded HTML or other things. Please stick to the wiki syntax to get the best experience for all users on desktop and mobile devices.