A program for creating and manipulating partition tables


No installation is required for parted as it part of the core packages.


There is currently no web interface for this Addon. Open the client console or terminal to run this add-on.

[root@ipfireVM ~]# parted -h
Usage: parted [OPTION]... [DEVICE [COMMAND [PARAMETERS]...]...]
Apply COMMANDs with PARAMETERS to DEVICE.  If no COMMAND(s) are given, run in
interactive mode.

  -h, --help                      displays this help message
  -l, --list                      lists partition layout on all block devices
  -m, --machine                   displays machine parseable output
  -j, --json                      displays JSON output
  -s, --script                    never prompts for user intervention
  -f, --fix                       in script mode, fix instead of abort when asked
  -v, --version                   displays the version
  -a, --align=[none|cyl|min|opt]  alignment for new partitions
. . .