To add a user that is separate from root.

Use this command to add the user homersimpson:

Add user with home directory

useradd -g users -u 1001 -d /home/homersimpson -s /bin/bash -m homersimpson
  • The option -g add the user to group users
  • The option -u set the UID (take care if you'll add more than one user).
    • Check current UIDs with: awk -F: '{if ($3 >= 1000) { print $0 } }' /etc/passwd
  • The option -d defines the home folder
  • The option -s setup the default bash
  • The option -m to creates the home directory.

Add user without home directory

useradd -M homersimpson
  • The option -M for no user home directory

Set a password for the new user with the passwd command:

passwd homersimpson