The Network Topology describes the clients and wirings settings on the network. These determine the hardware and methods to be used and also affect the transmission speed and data processing. Source (in German language)

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How traffic flows on the network across the different connections? Let's give it a quick look on the following table.

**** Direction **** Status
Red -> Firewall Closed, Use external access
Red -> Orange Closed. Use port forwarding
Red -> Blue Closed. Use port forwarding or VPN
Red -> Green Closed. Use port forwarding or VPN
Orange -> Firewall Closed, no DNS nor DHCP1 for Orange
Orange -> Red Open
Orange -> Blue Closed, use DMZ pinholes
Orange -> Green Closed, use DMZ pinholes
Blue -> Firewall Closed, use Blue Access
Blue -> Red Closed, use Blue Access
Blue -> Orange Closed, use Blue Access
Blue -> Green Closed, use Creating a Blue to Green Pinhole or VPN
Green -> Firewall Open
Green -> Red Open
Green -> Orange Open
Green -> Blue Open

  1. It is possible to assign a static IP to a dedicated DHCP server in the orange zone which can service the rest of the orange network. See Notes