This is the setup for a static IP address for the RED interface. If the Internet Service Provider (ISP) has assigned a static IP address follow the steps below. The ISP should have provided this information.

  1. Choose Static
  2. Enter the static IP address provided by the ISP
  3. Enter the Network mask
  4. Enter the Gateway address.

Changes after initial setup

After the installation you have to change the IP-Settings over the shell.

Connect to the firewall via SSH. Open the network configuration file with

vi /var/ipfire/ethernet/settings

Now you can change:
- the IP address in the lines with "[ZONE]_ADDRESS="
- the netmask in the lines with "[ZONE]_NETMASK="

Save and close the file.

Now restart the network service with the command

/etc/init.d/network restart

Or restart IPFire