Processor AMD GX-412TC @ 1GHz
Memory 4G
Storage 16 GB SATA SSD
Form Factor Small, Embedded, Passive Cooling


This appliance comes with four 1 Gigabit Ethernet Adapters. All of them are balanced over two processor cores and reach their maximum throughput with IPFire.

FIXME Add list of offloading features

Power Consumption

Idle 6W
Full CPU Load 8W


This appliance has AES-NI.

Cipher Throughput
ChaCha20 Poly1305 (per CPU Core) ~132 MByte/s
AES-256 CBC ~215 MByte/s
AES-256 GCM (per CPU Core) ~463 MByte/s
AES-128 CBC ~293 MByte/s
AES-128 GCM (per CPU Core) ~533 MByte/s
SHA512 ~70 MByte/s
SHA256 ~56 MByte/s
SHA1 ~122 MByte/s
MD5 ~199 MByte/s

Configuration Advice

Wireless Network

If the Atheros Wireless LAN module is installed, these configuration options are recommended:

  • HT Caps:
  • VHT Caps:

Wireless throughout should peak at around 520 MBit/s.

Firmware Updates

This appliance can be updated using the firmware-update command.

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