This page lists all data that is collected by fireinfo.

Notice, that none of this data contains any sensible information and it is your decision if you want to transmit this to fireinfo.


  • The vendor of the system.
  • The system model.

This only applies if the vendor has set some information. Most mainboards do not have this information.

Operating system

  • The version of IPFire that is currently running.
  • The kernel version.
  • The architecture (e.g. i686).
  • The language that is configured.
  • If the system running in a virtual environment (KVM, ESXi, Hyper-V etc).


  • Amount of system memory.
  • Size of the root disk.


  • Name and vendor of the CPU.
  • Family, model and stepping - which is just information to find out what model it is.
  • Speed (in MHz and Bogomips).
  • Count of CPU cores (virtual cores like HT are counted, too).
  • Flags which are the features or instructions that are supported.


For all PCI, PCIe and USB devices the following information is sent:

  • Vendor
  • Model
  • Subvendor and submodel (only for PCI and PCIe).
  • Class - what kind of device is it?
  • Kernel module that is used for the device.


If the system is running in a virtual environment, the following information is collected, too.

  • Hypervisor vendor
  • Hypervisor type (full or paravirtualized)


  • Has the system got green network device?
  • Has the system got a red network device?
  • Has the system got a blue network device?
  • Has the system got an orange network device?