• Michael
  • Adolf
  • Arne
  • Adam
  • Peter


Core Update 186

  • AX88179 does not work again #13692
    • We will release this update because might not have many options to fix this driver on time
    • Arne will purchase one if one isn't obtainable to work on this
  • Michael has noticed some laggy connections since the latest kernel update, but it might be a local configuration issue

Core Update 187

  • Vectorscan needs to be tested
  • OpenSSL 3.3.0 needs to be tested since it is another major step again
  • This will become a little maintenance update, no major changes in the pipeline
  • Peter noticed that people are more reluctant to upgrade, surprising as we have not any major regressions
  • Adolf will send a patch for the proposed blocklists


  • Michael needs funding for WG and OpenVPN
  • Michael has also been paying attention other projects recently
  • QoS?
  • Unbound/DHCP Bridge needs to be look into again

IPFire Meetup 2024

  • Proposed dates: either Sept 14/15, Sept 21/22