• Core Updates
    • Core Update 186 - Planning
    • QoS: CAKE vs fq_codel
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  • Michael
  • Adolf
  • Stefan
  • Jonatan
  • Daniel
  • Arne


Core Update 186

  • Was left open after the last call, will be closed this week
  • Adolf Belka has a change about Spamhaus: Enable DROP if EDROP was enabled before
  • The SYNPROXY changes won't be merged in this update, just yet

Core Update 187

  • Adolf Belka will have at look at opening APCUPS in a separate window
  • QoS
    • CAKE seems to perform much better than fq_codel (as in achieves higher throughput) but has a lot more CPU load
    • We will have to test more to figure out what is the better option to deploy across all IPFire installations
    • We will need to disable CAKE on red0 if using PPPoE