• Core Update 181
  • Core Update 182 Testing
  • IPFire 3 development progress/issues
  • Progress on an updated online presence for IPFire
  • Infrastructure
    • Cost savings at Oracle
    • Monitoring
    • Migration to Mailman 3
  • Feature Request: #13445, #11520


  • Adolf
  • Arne
  • Daniel
  • Jonatan
  • Peter
  • Michael


Core Update 181

  • Released after little feedback, we all tested it, and for some reason it was fine
  • However, Apache won't restart on some system over the course of the update (should have affected all systems though, but did not)
    • Michael will have a look at the involved initscripts again to make sure this won't happen again
    • Systems are fine again after a reboot, but if SSH is not enabled, there is no way to access them remotely
  • Reboot with virtio_scsi failing
    • SCSI is default on Proxmox, virtualized systems with IDE are not affected afawct (Helena)
    • Root cause of the problem currently unclear, Arne will have look at it

Core Update 182

  • Peter will merge some remaining patches into next, then the update is ready for testing
  • We want to release it well before Christmas, to avoid causing update migraines at our userbase
  • Michael kindly offered to take care of writing the changelog

Core Update 183

  • Patches for updating Linux to 6.6.x, which is the latest LTS branch
  • Major version upgrade to 2.29

Feature Requests

  • On that note, a lot of recent update changes take place under the hood, not being very visible to IPFire users. We should strive at also fixing the small things in the WebUI that make user's life easier.

Infrastructure Topics

  • Mailman 3 migration recap
  • Relocating our monitoring infrastructure