• Core Update 176 Testing
  • Core Update 177
  • Squid-Clamav (topic left over from last meeting)
    • Running on IPFire with version 5.11 from 2012.
    • Current available version is 7.2 but requires ICAP.
    • Is it still worth supporting with most websites being HTTPS?
      - If yes, how do we get it updated
      - If no, is it worth (and safe) keeping it.
  • Removing the separate boot partition
    • is there anything stopping this for new installs
  • CUPS start_service sleep delay of 5 mins causes problems during Core Updates
    • CUPS is usually not started by the time the reboot is carried out
    • Why 5 mins delay?
  • IPFire Location on Arch Linux
    • Adolf planning to install this in the AUR (Arch User Repository)
  • IPFire meet-up status
  • IPFire 3.x news
  • Do we need to keep torrent downloads?


  • Michael
  • Arne
  • Adolf
  • Peter


Core Updates

  • Although Core Update 175 has been difficult, there was no (bad) feedback
  • Core Update 176 is much smaller
  • Core Update 177
    • PPP is going to be a slightly risky - Peter & Arne can test
    • Kernel Update is scheduled
    • Adolf will get back to #11048
    • ca-certificate bundle will be updated by Peter
  • CUPS: We have no need to wait for 5 minutes before restarting the service

Should /boot on the root partition?

  • Some ARM bootloaders require /boot being FAT32 which always mandates a separate partition
  • Script to remove it on existing systems?

Squid ClamAV

  • So much is HTTPS now, so is this useful?
  • We are also on a legacy version that has not been updated since 2012
  • Update Accelerator is also similarly useless
  • Squid ClamAV will be phased out over the next Core Updates

Do we keep torrent downloads?

  • All are in favour

IPFire Location on Archlinux

  • Adolf would like to add it to AUR