• Feedback on Core Update 172 - Testing
  • Core Update 173
    • QMI (and the problems it might create with IPTV)
  • Adolf needs help with
    • Bug 12757 - DHCP server not starting after full ISO restore
    • Bug 12963 - OpenVPN - Out of memory
  • Request on forum to keep powertop available as addon - link to forum post
  • Hackathon Summary
  • Christmas - Santa is coming early this year
  • Next Date - January


  • Arne
  • Adolf
  • Michael
  • Stefan
  • Fabio


Core Update 172

  • There is a bug that shows the DH parameter when the OpenVPN menu is selected. Adolf has submitted a patch to the list to fix this here.
  • Targeting a release next calendar week to avoid Christmas
  • Keep powertop (might require reverting some kernel changes)

Core Update 173

  • QMI patchset is on the mailing list
  • No need for shipping another kernel just yet
  • No other large things being expected


  • Fabio is requesting mugs and t-shirts


  • Restore is kind of broken
  • Michael will look into #12757 - and how we can skip the setup when restoring from ISO

OpenVPN Authenticator Crashes

  • openvpnctrl calls the wrong binary to kill the authenticator and the order is wrong
  • Michael will look into it

Next One is going to be on Jan 9th