• Core Update 172
  • Discuss errors in libplist, iotop and python3-flit rootfiles by Adolf when building with python-3.10.8 cf python-3-10-1
  • libloc is now part of Fedora 38
  • What is everyone up to?


  • Adolf
  • Daniel
  • Michael
  • Peter
  • Arne


Core Update 172

  • Small update - so far nothing very interesting
  • QMI: Probably not going to make it
  • Peter wants more patches :)
  • Let's aim for a release in the last week of November
  • clamav should be released soon because of plenty of vulnerabilities in it
  • OpenSSL 3 upgrade postposed until they have ironed out the teething issues

Adolf's Packaging Issues

  • plist: The Python module is gone without a trace
  • iotop: The Python module is suddenly an egg

What is everyone doing?

  • Adolf has a huge patchset with package updates almost ready
  • Arne is working on upgrading the kernel on ARM