• Adolf
  • Peter
  • Michael
  • Arne
  • Jonatan
  • Stefan
  • Daniel (arrived late)


Core Update 170

  • Went pretty fine so far, Peter kept more or less track of all the patches
    • BorgBackup patchset will get a second revision, wait for feedback/notice from Adolf
  • Kernel hardening changes, some more are going to come
  • nftables will be dropped to cut attack surface, Peter will take care of it
  • Otherwise, ipblocklist add-on, lots of package updates

ARM situation

  • Some ARM(64) boards floating around there basically work, but we are not building all the drivers needed
  • "Green" icon on the ARM wiki page does not mean "buy this device"
  • Peter will update the wiki accordingly
  • No vetoes against dropping 32-bit ARM, will move this to the list

/boot partition is too small for the future

  • 256 MByte is more sane than going straight up to 512 MByte
  • Michael hands in a patch increasing the partition
  • He will also create a wiki page where we can point users to who are experiencing the problem
  • Do we want to go for tailored initial ramdisks?
    • Virtual environments may break during upgrades
    • Changed hardware equipment may also render installations unbootable
  • Consensus: We will increase the /boot partition, not trying to squeeze all the bits out

libloc has landed in Debian

  • Will land as stable in Debian Bullseye
  • Adolf volounteered for packaging libloc for Arch Linux (thanks!)

News from IPFire 3.x / Pakfire / ...

  • Michael worked on the web app side of Pakfire (package details, etc.)
    • Repositories can now be pushed to mirror servers individually
  • Running Pakfire as unprivileged user requires lots of work
  • Lots of stuff under the hood

Next conference moved to September 12th