• News from the IPFire 3.x and Pakfire ecosystem
  • Core Update 169
    • Some major issues were quickly flagged by testers (yay!), all of them are fixed now AFAIK
    • Kernel entropy change caused some confusion, entropy graph removed
    • OpenVPN 2FA works like a charm
  • Core Update 170
    • U-Boot update? Needs extensive testing and feedback from Arne
    • #12750 resurfaced here, appears to be broken upstream, no idea how to fix
  • Unresolved monitoring tickets / team role discussion
  • Infrastructure: Aftermath of resolver DDoS attempt; all account access phishing, all the time


  • Michael
  • Jonatan
  • Stefan
  • Daniel


Core Update 169

  • There has not been a lot of test feedback; nobody has any bugs to report
  • Release targeted for late this week

Core Update 170

  • Stefan is going to submit the IP blocklist feature for this update
  • There are no other major contributions from the attendees that have not been submitted to the list, yet
  • None of the attendees has the ASIX module


  • Jonatan is going to resolve the monitoring tickets in due course

IPFire 3 Eco System Update

  • Michael updated the group on recent minor decisions that have been taken and the implementation of those
  • There are various open questions about details that can probably not be answered until we have some real world feedback
  • Michael will try to spend as much time on this as possible to report more progress by the next call