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  • News from IPFire 3.x ecosystem (Pakfire et al.)
  • Core Update 169
  • Delayed release of Core Update 168 (bus factor discussion)


  • Michael
  • Peter
  • Arne
  • Adolf
  • Jonatan


Core Update 168

  • The test release did not show up on one of Arne's systems. Seems to be a one-off.
  • Very little feedback from the Community which does not help to make a confident decision.

Core Update 169

  • New Kernel + Firmware (depending on size)
  • Regular bunch of package updates from Adolf + Matthias
  • Going to close by end of this week - so get in your patches while they are hot
  • OpenVPN 2FA will be submitted this week
  • #12873 - If we can fix it short-notice it will go in, too
  • Peter will update uboot and Arne will confirm by testing

The Bus Factor

  • In the last couple of weeks, many of the team have been unavailable due to sickness and other holidays
  • We need to make sure to share some knowledge so that others can help out better when some are absent
  • Peter suggests introducing a RELEASE.txt file which describes steps on how to perform a release

IPFire 3

  • Michael gave a status update about progress with the new build system