• Overall capacity/workload situation
  • Core Update 168
    • Stefan: IPSv4
  • Adolf has questions :)


  • Adolf
  • Stefan
  • Arne
  • Michael
  • Peter
  • Jonathan


Core Update 168

  • Peter already merged lots of patches; some are left
  • Mainly IPSv4 from Stefan
  • Nothing major left to discussed
  • Some ARM boards are not booting after the last update; there is very little feedback which correlates with the smaller user-base
  • OpenSSL will release tomorrow with some MODERATE security update, Adolf will send a patch as soon as possible
  • Peter will test the IPSv4 patchset and give feedback Stefan; if all okay, it will get merged
  • OpenVPN 2FA: Michael will test a patchset and post to the list if ripe

Adolf's questions

  • He is going to package fireperf for ArchLinux
  • python-cryptography doesn't build in a newer version
  • tools/download-rust-crate needs to be update for BLAKE2 (Peter will handle it)

Overall Capacity Issues

  • Arne & Michael have been somewhat absent recently due to various reasons; this has slowed down development
  • The team is small and could grow
  • IPFire 3 is not very advanced, but lots of important code has been written
  • Peter is going to take care of the future Core Updates to keep Michael's back free

Next Call

  • Move call to June 13th