• Adolf
  • Arne
  • Jonatan
  • Michael
  • Peter
  • Stefan


Core Update 166

  • Backup Bug was a show stopper => decision to make an extra core update
  • Nobody did complain, at least in our "bubble"
  • Everything that was scheduled for 166 is now 167

Firmware Compression

  • OS is getting bigger and bigger
  • 2GB size of the root partition is becoming a problem
  • There is a possibility to load the firmware as compressed files
  • 900 MB => 300 MB save on disk
  • Leads to Core Update of over 150 MB size => You cannot compress files twice in a good manner
  • Patch was dropped because of that
  • Reinstalling with a bigger root partition is the path. Every recent installation already has a bigger root partition!

Core Update 167

High Resolution Command Line

Kernel hardening

Core Update 168

  • Nothing big is scheduled for this
  • Adolf we shortly supply new package updates

Firewall graphs

New features


  • Michael think about working on OpenVPN to make a little bit better
    • Fewer VPN solutions would be better
    • WireGuard did not take the spot
    • So we left with OpenVPN


  • Stefan works on the last update for the IPS :-;
  • See again at the second of May :-)