• Completing Core Update 164
  • Anything urgent left for Core Update 165?
  • What is planned for Core Update 166?


  • Stefan
  • Michael
  • Daniel
  • Jonatan
  • Adolf


Core Update 164

  • Some last-minute fixes where required for changes in the IPS and elsewhere
  • Those have now been developed, and merged into master
  • The final build is being QAed tomorrow for a release this week
  • A kernel vulnerability might be added to the last minute fixes: lib/iov_iter: initialize "flags" in new pipe_buffer

Core Update 165

  • Another mixed bag
  • Merge Window is now closed; for a release into testing this week
  • There might be some regressions in the DROP_HOSTILE feature with ipset

Core Update 166

  • Merge window is now open for about two weeks
  • Scheduled for a kernel, but since Arne is away, we will quite likely delay
  • IP blocklist feature quite unlikely ready
  • More ipset changes from Stefan coming soon

32 Bit Deprecation

  • A couple of complaints have arrived
  • Sadly usage hasn't gone down much, yet


  • Lots of activity on the list
  • Probably a record broken for most comments on a BZ post (#12788)
  • Stephan Feddersen has asked to delete his account: WIO has no maintainer; Adolf will take over