• Release Schedule
    • Core Update 163
    • Core Update 164
  • Suggested topics: Squidguard - no more available lists


  • Adolf
  • Arne
  • Daniel
  • Jonathan
  • Michael
  • Peter


Core Update 163

  • Ready to go, to be released shortly
  • Most testing feedback was positive, no blockers left
  • Michael updates the QoS documentation in the wiki, releases C163 afterwards
  • i*86 is finally gone

Core Update 164

  • Lots of new features
    • IPS multiple providers
    • Pakfire CGI improvements from Leo et al.
    • Squid 5
    • Drop traffic from/to hostile networks by default
    • New kernel
  • #12767 is still a blocker, workaround available

Core Update 165 (and beyond?)

  • Python 3.10
  • New toolchain
  • Package updates
  • Peter prepares update as usual in his temporary personal branch
  • IPBlocklist add-on (got new maintainer, part of the core distribution)?
    • Rob takes care of it
    • Adolf helps him on the way to go, if necessary

Website of xt_geoip went down

  • Does not look good, project discontinued/abandoned?
  • Michael asks Stefan if he is willing to work on ipset
  • ipset would also make AS-based firewalling more easy to implement

Moar blocklists: Squidguard - no more available lists

  • Shalla disappeared, MSED too, University of Toulouse is useless
  • Existing setups remain operational, list quality will get lower over time
  • Little lists are available for free
  • DNS-based blocking does not improve anything
    • Causes more technical trouble than it solves
    • You need a blocking source ether way
  • If license permits, we'll obtain the latest version of Shalla and serve it on our servers
  • Long-term, we might start our own list...

Selective whitelisting of IPS events for certain clients