• Adolf
  • Arne
  • Jonatan
  • Michael
  • Peter


Core Update 163 and beyond

  • Arne has access to a probably affected board, tries to reproduce USB networking device issues
  • Depending on his findings, we are releasing a new kernel in a "emergency" Core Update
  • linux-firmware needs to be updated, Peter takes care of this one
  • Core Update 163 has some spare size left for linux-firmware

New IPS features by Stefan

Testing feedback?

  • CAKE
    • Arne runs it, works fine but does not really introduces noticeable improvements
    • Ready to go, will be included with the next kernel
  • Firewall changes
    • Exporting XD networks missing, Michael sends an mail
    • Blog post needed

Suricata DNS bug

  • Appears on an IPFire behind an IPFire, running Suricata on the first one, behind a slow internet connection
  • Unbound traffic blocked for some reason, nothing logged
  • Issue with DNSSEC key material
  • Stefan somehow enabled logging for this case
  • Could be related to RFC 5011, only appears after a while (within the range of minutes or hours?)
  • Peter raises a bug for this (EDIT: Done, see bug #12765)

Deprecation of 32-bit ARM

  • Arne: No cheap hardware to replace it
  • A tiny firewall being incapable of running IPS is better than no firewall at all, especially for poorer areas of the world
  • Kernel situation is better than it was for 32-bit Intel
  • Userspace support is diminishing slowly, 32-bit ARM has a limited lifetime
  • Consent:
    • Michael will update hardware page on the wiki to discourage against buying new 32-bit ARM SoCs
    • Same for list of ARM devices supported

IPFire developer summit 2022

  • Berlin is set as a location, Hamburg's out
  • Michael asks Mozilla if COVID policies fit, checks other locations
  • Michael prepares mail, creates date survey (late April, early May, ...)

Changes to our donation process

Analysis of Amit Klein: Subverting Stateful Firewalls with Protocol States