Conference Room


  • Core Update 160
  • Core Update 161
  • IPFire Location
    • Michael has been hacking suricata
  • IPFire on AWS aarch64 has launched
  • Find a date for the next developer summit


  • Michael
  • Peter
  • Adolf
  • Jonatan
  • Daniel
  • Arne


Core Update 160

  • Prefer bug fixes over package updates
  • Should have everything we need to drop Python 2 (without actually dropping it, add a note to announcement)
  • Include pppd 2.4.9

Core Update 161


  • Daniel presented our benchmark results of the IPFire Mini Appliance and IPFire Business Appliance
  • Michael presented how we made the IPS faster and increased throughput in normal operation
  • Offloading (ntuple), Cake, all increase throughput further and will be sent to the list soon

Fast Flux

  • Peter submitted a second patchset for this feature
  • There is an unsolved issue regarding false positives

Lynis source?

  • Files on the official download page have different checksums every time