• purifying IPFire: Drop addons that don't really belong to IPFire or to the functionality of a firewall and should perhaps be operated separately. Maybe as a VM on IPFire. eg Asterisk, VDR
  • Community
    • Close Threads which belong to bugs like 1, 2 - We need this info in Bugzilla or not?
    • How to keep development on the Mailing list (Problems for example are 1 or 2)?
    • Where to collect testing feedback? Triggered by
  • Stefan: IPS
  • Kernel


  • Michael
  • Stefan
  • Jonatan
  • Daniel
  • Leo
  • Peter
  • Arne


Core Update 155

  • ALG changes went well; some reports, but nothing unexpected

Core Update 156

  • Loads of package updates
  • Changes from Leo for graphs
  • Jonatan will drop older web user interface (maybe for the next one)


  • Peter will review email/fail2ban limits


  • Stefan has rewritten the IPS CGIs to enable multiple providers at the same time


  • We will ship another update of 4.14.x with Core Update 157
  • Kernel 5.10 should be packaged soon after; The ARM 32 bit architecture is causing a lot of pain because hundreds of patches need to be ported


  • Jonatan is going to compose a list of moderation rules that should help to steer conversation towards
  • Can we automatically close topics after N days so that people won't append irrelevant posts to them after a long time?