• Future of supporting 32-bit machines
  • Kernel 5.x?
  • Clarifying, reworking or dropping the location filter
  • Core Update 153
    • libloc
  • Core Update 154
  • Wiki
  • Community
    • Close Threads which belong to bugs like 1, 2 - We need this info in Bugzilla or not?
  • Web interface: Plans to go?


  • Arne
  • Daniel
  • Jonatan
  • Leo
  • Michael
  • Peter
  • Stefan


Core Update 153

  • Big update with many important changes
  • Kept open until tomorrow due to scheduled OpenSSL released
  • Michael writes changelog and ensures the correct code is executed on location01
  • Some complains regarding Suricata 6 load (mailing list post), but they do not seem to be reproducible
  • Peter gets in contact with other people as soon as there is a changelog available
  • Release ETA: Weekend before Christmas

Clarifying, reworking or dropping the location filter

  • People seem to think the location filter has a security impact. It has not.
  • It's sole purpose is to reduce noise in the logs
  • Causes more often confusion than it solves problem
  • Technical effort for replacing or extending it needs to be clarified further

Core Update 154

  • Matthias sent several patches already
  • Michael is in charge

Web interface: Plans to go?

  • Fix bugs first, they need to be tagged in BZ (Peter takes care of this and assigns them to Leo)
  • Portability to IPFire 3 would be nice, but is a bigger task at the moment

Kernel 5.x?

  • Kernel 5.10 is not finally released, probably released before Christmas
  • Kernel 5.9 is much slower for unknown reasons at the time of writing
  • ETA: Q1/2021

Future of supporting 32-bit machines

  • Agreed on discontinuing 32-bit support, scheduled EOL 31st December 2021
  • Kernel 5.9 works on 32-bit as well, but future is rather patchy
  • 32-bit causes more and more pain for diminishing user base
  • Will be announced broadly
  • Decision regarding 32-bit ARM will be made in January

Infrastructure hiccups

  • Requires major LDAP changes, Michael is in charge here (#12218)