• Core Update 148
    • libloc release
  • Community
    • BLM
    • Atmosphere and contribution quality in general
  • CVE-2020-10713 et al.


  • Arne
  • Michael
  • Peter
  • Stefan


Core Update 148

  • No feedback from community so far
  • 32-bit was broken, but has been fixed now
  • Additional information (A1, A2, A3) is missing at ipinfo.cgi
  • Underlying RIR databases/BGP feeds are processed reliably

Fireinfo statistics

  • CH dropped from ~ 6% to ~ 3,5%
  • Looking at the population within DACH, things seem to be plausible


  • New developers are not always taking responsibility for their patches, thus not being merged
  • Things are a little slow at the moment
  • Some heated discussions within the last few weeks (some of them nonobjective :-/ )
  • Apparently some people think of IPFire being a commercial product
  • BLM: Exchange of personal opinions, but neither a discussion took place nor a consensus was agreed on

CVE-2020-10713 et al.

  • grub update is not that critical as we do not support Secure Boot
  • ... but will be shipped anyway (#12463)

Kernel 5.9 RC1