• COVID-19 Plan
  • Core Update 143/144
  • Attracting People to join our Community


  • Arne
  • Daniel
  • Jonatan
  • Michael
  • Peter
  • Stefan


COVID-19 Plan

  • Lockdown does not mean people have spare time
  • Most core developers are part of "critical infrastructure"
  • We do not plan a developer summit at that point, perhaps later this year

Core Update 143

  • Some smaller issues to be fixed
  • Testing release expected within the next two days

Core Update 144

  • Matthias submitted a bunch of multimedia patches
  • These are necessary for status graphs, grub, et al.
  • linux-firmware is rather big, probably going to ship this with a kernel update
  • Possibly Suricata fixes, but things are a lot better already

Attracting People to join our Community

  • People do not seem to be interested in getting paid
  • Technical skills did not suffice our requirements
  • We are now looking for similar people in the community


  • AVM FritzBox interferes with DNS (UDP) and IKE traffic
  • Should we publish information regarding DSL modems?
  • At least two recommended vendors?
  • ARM builder are now building faster
  • WPA 3 support?
    • "Kümmert sich da jemand drum? Nein? Ja, dann... dann halt nicht."
    • Management Frame Protection obligatory, but many hardware lacks support