• Updates on Blog features, drip campaigns, etc.
  • Our Christmas campaign
  • Core Update 139
  • Blacklist patches from Tim Fitzgeorge
  • Rust
  • libloc


  • Arne
  • Jonatan
  • Michael
  • Stefan
  • Daniel


  • Update on new features and fundraising campaigns

Core Update 139

  • Arne needs some information about APU4 for adjusting an LED patch. Daniel will get it.
  • Arne will merge some more remaining patches
  • Plan is to upload it to testing before Christmas and release early in the new year

Blacklist Patches

  • Strong consensus that we want the feature
  • Discussion about automatically adding hosts
  • Concerns about privacy
  • Michael will continue the discussion with Tim on the list


  • Stevee will update the Rust version to check if our problems have gone on both 32 bit architectures
  • Potentially disable IPS on i586 systems, or have Rust generate i586 code
  • Check that Rust compiler flags are set appropriately at runtime
  • No appetite to not have IPS available on 32 bit


  • Status Update
  • Packages available on IPFire 2 and Debian
  • Database needed
  • Adjustments for database verification coming