• Core Update 126 release schedule
  • Donation Campaign needs more promotion
  • IPFire 3.x
    • Kernel hardening (Do wereally need DEVKMEM and user namespaces?)
    • SSH hardening (Remote root access allowed? If not, default admin username?)
  • Suricata


  • Michael
  • Peter
  • Arne
  • Jonatan
  • Stefan


Core Update 126

  • Kernel-only update + smaller changes
  • After that: suricata, squid, etc...

IPFire 3

  • Peter is investigating: Kernel Modules will be signed
    • Do we need /dev/kmem?
    • Possible candidates are only qemu
    • User namespaces
  • Disable SSH Remote Root Login
    • User database from LDAP
    • Will remain enabled for now
  • New images available:


  • Image for testing is available:
  • Stefan is investigating Tim's updater
  • Michael is going to improve UI of the CGI by submitting a design study