• Arne
  • Stefan
  • Michael
  • Peter
  • Timo
  • Daniel


Core Update 124

  • Was rebuilt several times, some bugs are still present, little testing feedback so far
  • SFTP is broken (#11887)

IPFire Developer Summit 2018

  • Huge process made in IPFire 3.x network stack
    • NITSI is integrated (development without regressions)
    • CHACHA20-POLY1305 for IPsec VPN is done
    • VPNs are now defined as network zones
    • Layer 2 IPsec VPN is done
    • New feature: system-wide cryptography policies ("security policies")
    • many bugs fixed
  • Compatibility for IEEE802ac introduced
  • Offloading has been enbabled, benchmarks done
  • Problems with non-booting kernel
  • Very productive

  • Wishlist: XFS as default filesystem?


  • Ansible rollout
    • SSH server and client configuration ready
    • Postfix relay configuration nearly done
    • TODO: Enable internal DANE
  • HTTP-only mirrors will be removed today
  • Cipher policy on HAproxy needs to be done
  • Some internal systems moved

  • New website in development: