• Peter
  • Jonatan
  • Michael
  • Arne


Spam Issues on Forum/Wiki

  • Tens of thousands of spam accounts on the wiki
  • Loads of emails are being bounced
  • Possible solutions:
    • Spamhaus XBL on forum registration
    • Probably not very practicable

Email System Update

  • First changes implemented: DKIM, SFP, updated cryptography, better spam protection
  • Peter is going to write a planet article
  • Needs documentation

Thoughts on an IPFire Partner Program

  • We need to encourage people to provide commercial services around IPFire without (accidentially) harming the project

Core Updates 119

  • Pretty much testing done
  • Release this week

Core Update 120

  • OpenSSL 1.1.0
  • Little known problems so far
  • Will be in testing for a while

Kernel 4.14

  • Hopefully coming in Core Update 121
  • Mainly support for ARM boards missing

Replace the Pakfire Key in IPFire 2

Update on IPFire 3

  • Jonatan has been working on the network package: IPsec, routing issues, VTI & IPv6