We use Git for managing the IPFire source code and the source code of all our other smaller projects.

You can browse the source code on https://git.ipfire.org/ or alternatively https://cgit.ipfire.org/.

It is freely downloadable via the Git protocol, HTTP or SSH. The URLs to the repositories can be found on their respective summary pages.


IPFire uses two repositories for two major versions - 2.x and 3.x. Pick the needed repositories and the needed branch and clone it for your use.

repository branch comment
IPFire 2.x
master also known as Stable. It is production and best-tested
next also known as Testing
unstable nightly build - may be incomplete / dangerous
IPFire 3.x
master currently available versions are incomplete

Note - the various repositories will download (clone) in 5 to 10 seconds.

IPFire 2.x repositories

There are two branches available for IPFire 2.x.

Master branch for IPFire 2.x

The master branch holds the code that is currently shipped.

git clone git://git.ipfire.org/ipfire-2.x.git

Next branch for IPFire 2.x

The next branch is the development branch that will eventually become the next Core Update.

git clone git://git.ipfire.org/ipfire-2.x.git
cd ipfire-2.x
git checkout -b next -t origin/next

IPFire 3.x repositories

git clone git://git.ipfire.org/ipfire-3.x.git

User Repositories

With IPFire-3.x we introduce a new workflow for development. From now on, each developer has got his own sandbox that is published on git.ipfire.org. In this sandbox one can do whatever one imagines.

When a new feature is developed it will get finished in this sandbox or branch while it can be shared by many developers through the magic of git. After that, it is merged to the master repository.

If you have got an own developer account you should connect the master repository together with you own:

git clone ssh://user@people.ipfire.org/pub/git/ipfire-3.x.git 
cd ipfire-3.x/
git remote add user ssh://user@people.ipfire.org/pub/git/people/user/ipfire-3.x.git

GitHub Mirror

The most common repositories are also mirrored on GitHub at https://github.com/ipfire

Please note we do not do GitHub pull requests.