The IPFire Project uses Patchwork to track all submitted patches available at It helps developers to keep track of all submissions and archives any discussion.

All patches that are being sent to any of the development mailing lists will automatically be submitted to Patchwork.

Accessing Patches

To test and apply patches to your local branch, you can use git pw which can be installed through the package manager of your distribution or by using PyPI1.

After that, you should change to your Git repository that you want to connect with Patchwork and run the following commands:

git config pw.server ""
git config pw.project "ipfire" # or whatever is appropriate (see

To set up authentication, create an API key in your account settings if not already done so and configure it like so:

git config pw.token "API-TOKEN..."

Listing Patches

You can list patches by running the following command:

git pw patch list

You will see list of submitted patches with various information around them and their ID.

Applying Patches

You can apply a patch by their ID:

git pw patch apply ID

Further Reading

  1. pip3 install git-pw