Pakfire supports building for multiple architectures.

x86_64 The 64 bit version of the x86 instruction set
aarch64 ARMv8 instruction set

Build packages only for certain architectures

You may limit the architectures for which a package is built. This is useful for architecture-specific tools like bootloaders.

That is done by adding the sup_arches option under the release version:

name       = grub
version    = 2.00
release    = 5.1
sup_arches = x86_64

This package will only be built for x86_64.

Build for a specific architecture


You can build a package for a specific architecture on your local system (if compatible with your hardware) like this:

pakfire-builder -a ARCH build package.nm

This will build the package named package for the architecture named ARCH.

On the Build Service

The build service takes the same parameter like this:

pakfire-client build package.nm -a ARCH

Optimise for certain processors

We optimise some packages to take advantage of instruction set extensions so that the performance of critical code is enhanced. This is code in which the system spends a lot of time.