This page contains a detailed roadmap for the systemd integration of our network subsystem.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 contains some basic network changes and a lot of systemd stuff.


Perform UsrMove on the network package - this hasn't done yet.

State: Done!;a=commit;h=120c08300b7b6ffa3bf2c13c9d87cc674bb6fa82


Splitting of the old network.service file into:

  • network-init.service ( performs "Exec=/usr/sbin/network init" )
  • network@.service ( performs "Exec=/usr/sbin/network start %i" - to start network on zone "%i" )

State: Not done yet!

Introduce network.tartget.wants on /usr/lib/systemd/system to add startup terms to

Add network-init.service at default to

State: Not done yet!

Our default target automatically should start the It also should be possible to enable/disable the whole network on startup. To perform that we have to add the following lines to the file from systemd package:


State: Not done yet!

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 contains a tool to tell systemd which network zones should be started on boot process. The systemd implemention of activation or disableing a service only can handle static requests and our network@.service requires dynamic one's - may this feature will be implemented in a future version of systemd.


This tool would be a bash script stored in /usr/lib/systemd/ like to all other systemd scripts and binarie's which are used by service files.

The script contains multiple switches:

  • enable ( creates a symlink for a network zone to autostart it by systemd )
  • disable ( removes a symlink for a network zone )
  • help ( to print some help text )
  • version ( to print version information ) - may we can remove that swith from the roadmap...

State: Not done yet!