Note: The mailing list system was updated from mailman to mailman3 and the URL to each list changed. Some lists no longer exist.

We use mailing lists to communicate with each other. There are several of them to group people with the same interests and too keep the noise down on the main mailing lists.

Please note that you have to subscribe to the lists in order to post to them. Unauthorised mail will be rejected.

Main Development Mailing List

The Development mailing list is for all sorts of topics that do not fit anywhere else. There are no strict rules about what can go there and what not, but please think twice about posting anything here. You will usually get no reply at all if it did not fit.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

A Special Interest Group (SIG) is a group of people with interest in a certain topic or area. We have them for the bigger topics to keep noise down on the main mailing list. The names speak for themselves.


There are more lists for various sub-projects and groups. Please see the mailman server for more details.