On ipfire.org/users, we are running our central account management system. Everyone involved in the IPFire Project should register an account here to:

  • Receive regular updates from the projects about releases, events, etc.
  • Log in to all other resources that the project is running
  • Get in touch with other people in the IPFire Community



Who can see my details?

It is optional to share your address, telephone number, and more with the project. This is mainly helpful for people who are deeply integrated into the project, but you can of course fill in those fields so that we get to know you better.

This information will only be shared with the IPFire team and won't be publicly visible.

I do not want to see my real name being shown

If you go to your profile and edit it, you can enter a "Nickname" which will be shown instead of your first and last name. We would still encourage you to keep your real name in the database.