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What is vdradmin

Vdradmin is a daemon which comunicates with VDR and offers informations to your webbrowser. The Version for IPfire is the improved version Vdradmin AM.


The addon can be installed by using Pakfire or on the shell with:

pakfire install -y vdradmin

After the installation is completet you have to stop the vdradmin

/etc/init.d/vdradmin stop

and edit your


to change the VDR_PORT from 2001 to 6419.

VDR_PORT = 6419

Finally you have to start the vdradmin.

/etc/init.d/vdradmin start


To access vdradmin, open your webbrowser and visit the adress http://ipfire:8001.

The username after the installation is vdradmin the password ipfire. If you want to change them, you have to edit your


and change these settings.

PASSWORD = password
USERNAME = username

After a restart of vdradmin you can access it with the new userdata.

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