Transmission is a small and efficient BitTorrent client with a Web-interface.


The installation of Transmission can be done via Pakfire. So we can go in IPFire´s web-interface to the menu point "IPFire".

There we can find in the side-menu the section "Pakfire". For the first it is quite useful to press the "refresh list" button, so we get the newest list of the available addons.

In the left chart below the button there can be find the available addons and in the right chart are the already installed one.

So we can search in the left one for the addon "Transmission" and choose it. Afterwards we press the "+" symbol to install it.

In the next sight there is a brief overview of Pakfire's tasks which will be attend. Now the green arrow can be pressed to initiate the installation process.

After the installation we will be again in in the "IPFire" section.

Transmission was meanwhile automatically started. To go for a check, we change in the menu point "status" and go over the right handed side-menu into the section "Services".
In the second spreadsheet (addon - services) we should found now Transmission, stated with "Running". If all is equally until now, the installation process was successful.


From now on, the Transmission web-interface is reachable over the browser. Therefor we type ":9091" into the address line into the browser.

On the left edge on Transmissions web-interface there is a button symboled with a cogwheel.
By clicking this, be belong to a drop-down menu, where we choose the " Preferences".

Basically the adjustments are quite simple and are self explained.
The interesting points for the first steps are:

  • In the section "Torrents" the point "Download to" there can be selected, where the files can be saved to.
  • On the register card "Network" at the point "Peer listening Port", the appropriated port can be adjust.

These are the preferences dialogs of transmission where essential settings can be done.

The chosen port should be opened up in the Firewall. Therefor we go back to IPFire´s web-interface and click into the section "Firewall" and choose in the right handed "side-menu" the point "External Access".

As protocol we leave "TCP". We leave the field "Source IP" blank, so it's possible to let all IP's access this service (if there is only one special static IP to connect to this service, this IP can be adjust in here). As "Destination Port" the before in Transmission registered port should be entered. The "Remark" can be filled up with the rule name (for example "Transmission"). Finally the "Add" button should be hit.

Enable WebGUI authentication

Stop transmission on console:

/etc/init.d/transmission stop

Edit transmission settings.json:

vi /etc/transmission/settings.json

and add the following lines:

  "rpc-authentication-required": true,
  "rpc-password": "somepassword",
  "rpc-username": "someusername",

Start transmission:

/etc/init.d/transmission start

Note! At first start the password in the file will replaced by a hash so it cannot read back from the file.


To start now a torrent-download, we click the "Open" -button in the Transmission web-interface.
The opening window provides now to choose an existing torrent-file, or to connect to a torrent-download via an URL.

Conclusive we press the "Upload" -button.

To reach the file with a Windows-PC after finishing, e.g. the tool WinSCP provides itself.

Of course the Samba-Server offers also the possibility to provide the target directory into the network.