New add-on as of Core Update 149.

socat is command line utility that establishes bidirectional transfers data locations. socat stands for SOcket CAT.

socat is a relay for bidirectional data transfer between two independent data channels. Each of these data channels may be a file, pipe, device (serial line etc. or a pseudo terminal), a socket (UNIX, IP4, IP6 - raw, UDP, TCP), an SSL socket, proxy CONNECT connection, a file descriptor (stdin etc.), the GNU line editor (readline), a program, or a combination of two of these. These modes include generation of "listening" sockets, named pipes, and pseudo terminals. 1


socat can be installed with the Pakfire web interface or via the console:

pakfire install socat


There is no web interface for this Add-on. To run this Add-on open the client console or terminal and access the IPFire box via SSH.