IPFire 2.17 - Core Update 93 released

by Michael Tremer, August 17, 2015

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This is the official release announcement of IPFire 2.17 – Core Update 93. This update comes with various security fixes in the Squid web proxy, the dnsmasq DNS proxy server and the Perl-compatible regular expressions library.

DDNS Client Update

ddns, our dynamic DNS update client, has been updated to version 008. This version is more robust against network errors on the path and server errors at the provider. Updates will then be retried frequently.

  • The providers joker.com and DNSmadeEasy are now supported
  • A crash when updating namecheap records has been fixed


  • Pakfire was fixed and now correctly pulls additional dependencies of add-on packages when updating from an older version.
  • TRIM is disabled on some SSDs with known firmware bugs that cause data loss.
  • squid-accounting: Fix various typos in translations
  • /etc/ipsec.user-post.conf is added to the backup if it exists

Updated packages

bind 9.10.2-P3, daq 2.0.6, dnsmasq 2.75, libevent 2.0.22-stable (moved to the core system from add-on), libpcap 1.7.4, nettle 3.1.1, pcre (fixes CVE-2015-5073), squid 3.4.14


cups 2.0.4, make 4.1, nano 2.4.2

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