Get involved

Because making a difference is easy

Because IPFire is an Open Source project, the users and the community are the foundation of it. Voluteers keep the project running and spend their time improving IPFire - every single day.

We believe that a strong community is the first step to create a successful project. Every day, people from all around the world are working together and making IPFire as awesome as it is today.

First steps

Besides development, there is a significant amount more to do in a project. There are groups which care about helping beginners to get started with IPFire, or people who write documentation & coordinate translations.

The first steps everyone who wants to get involved should do are:

  • Stay up to date. Subscribe to the RSS-Feeds and to some of the mailing lists that interest you.
  • Take part in the discussion (for example on our forums).


You can help by making a financial contribution to the project.

Donations will ensure the sustainability and health of the project. They extend our activities and improve the quality of the code base.



The IPFire Wishlist is the crowd funding platform of the IPFire project.

Make a wish

Contribute yourself


Development is the major task of this project.

Read more about getting involved into hacking the code on the development page.


If you are able to read English and speak an other language, you can help us translating IPFire into your language.

Translation team


If you like IPFire, let people know! Help us to promote IPFire by writing reviews or by telling your friends and colleagues.

Consider holding a talk at your local Linux user group, school or university and answer any question about IPFire.